Business Introduction

The main businesses of our institute are listed below:

The development, manufacture, and sales of defense technology and weapons:

    1. To research and develop the essential weapons and critical military technology,

        promote defense technology level, and construct independent defense


    2. To invest the proactive technology research to develop the critical technologies

        which are necessary in the fundamental technology, applied technology, and

        system development to pave the way for future weapon system development.

    3. To introduce the entrepreneurial management, enhance the effectiveness of

        organization, increase the elasticity and execution efficiency of personnel affairs

        and purchasing operations, shorten the system development period, and fulfill

        the armed forces operational requirements in time.

The development, manufacture, and sales of dual-use technology:

    1. To develop dual-use technology in accordance with government policy to boost

        economy and industry competitiveness. Based on research and development of

        defense technology and the demands of industries, we devote to expand

        dual-use technology and to create value in the industry.

    2. To promote the defense industry by developing dual-use technology to bridge

        the relations between military and civil industries. To achieve the missions of

        strengthening national defense industry, developing national economy, and

        creating value added for military and civil industries.

Domestic and International Cooperation in Technology, Information Exchange, and Promotion

    1.Domestic Academic Cooperation Programs

    Incorporated with the ROC Ministry of Defense's concept of ten-year-term readiness for war and the armed forces, NCSIST has actively been participating in the academic cooperation programs with qualified domestic universities and academic institutions certificated by Ministry of Science and Technology. The programs include basic research and applied ones which conduct academic cooperation to fulfill the requirements and challenges for critical defense weapon systems.

    2.To Strengthen International Cooperation

    Defense technology has to meet world tendency of reducing R&D cost, enhance efficiency, utilize common resources flexibly, and share exploration risks. The NCSIST joins international cooperation with the counterparts abroad and such cooperation will benefit experiences exchange for engineers as well as expand the global visibility of views for NCSIST.

Technology Transfer, Technical Services, and Industrial Consultancy with Domestic and Foreign Partnerships

    1.To expand industrial value for private sectors by diversifying defense capabilities

    The capability of effective integration and core technology development provides NCSIST a niche in dominating markets. The NCSIST provides technology transfer, technical service, and consultancy to commercial industries to fill their technology gap and help promote their industrial and transformation processes.

    2.Combining national efforts by establishing cooperative chains of dual-use


    The NCSIST has superbly accumulated experiences and talents attributed to the tasks of defense R&D for decades. Now the NCSIST is making further endeavors to promote cooperative supply chains, from single unit to conglomerated firms, by building scientific research park and framework of dual-use technology.

Developing National Defense Technology Talents:

    The NCSIST draws the blueprint for future national defense technology talents as well as constructs the framework for sustainable development.

Main Military Construction:

    To represent MND for classified military facilities construction. The tasks include site survey, feasibility evaluation, preliminary planning, and future construction and maintenance.

Cooperation with the Ministry of National Defense:

    Cooperation with the MND for major military exercises. This task aims to illustrate overall defense power by the collective effort of national defense and technology.

Other NCSIST related issues