High Resolution MWIR Thermal Imager

High Resolution MWIR Thermal Imager

• Type
   • Detector type : InSb
   • Wavelength : 3~5 µm


• Development
   NCSIST has been engaged in the development and production of infrared (IR) detectors for more

   than 2 decades. In the early stage, single element InSb detector packaged in glass Dewar and

   integrated with Joule-Thomson cooler was used in TC1 missile seeker. In 2000, 2D PtSi focal plane

   array (FPA) detector packaged in metal Dewar and integrated with Stirling cooler was put in mass

   production and used for portable thermal imager for coast guard. Later, hundreds of 320x256 InSb

   FPA combined with integrated Dewar detector cooler assembly (IDDCA) were used in thermal target

   acquisition systems equipped on ground battle vehicles. The newest portable thermal imager

   using 640x512 InSb detector has been in pilot production now.


• Description
   The high resolution mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) thermal imager incorporates an IDDCA, a video

   processing (VP) board and optical lenses which is specially designed for night surveillance,

   long-range surveillance, non-destructive testing, industrial processes monitoring and thermal

   radiation tracking..


• Specifications
  • Resolution : 640 x 512
  • Pixel Pitch : 15 µm
  • NETD : <25 mK @ 30℃
  • Video Output : NTSC/PAL
  • Frame Rate : 60 Hz
  • Dual Field of View Optics : 50 mm/200 mm
  • RS422

• Status
    The 320x256 InSb detector meets all requirements of Taiwan army with the production rate of

    several hundred sets per year. The prototype of 640x512 InSb detector has been developed

    successfully in 2014. The pilot production of the 640x512 InSb detector is in process and will be

    in service with the Taiwan army soon.