Electro-Optical Sight System

Electro-Optical Sight System

• Type


• Development
   Based on the established technologies of electro-optics modules and system integration, the

   Materials and Electro-Optics Research Division (MEORD) developed the Electro-Optical (EO) Sight

   System which was specially designed for the Fire Control Unit (FCU) of modern light amour vehicles

   of Taiwan army.
   Been through the field test, this EO sight system was put in mass production and was delivered to

   Taiwan army in 2013.


• Description
   Electro-Optical (EO) Sight System improves the survivability and fighting capabilities of the light

   armored vehicles. It incorporates a thermal camera, a CCD camera, an eye-safe laser range finder

   and a display control unit. All key modules were designed and built by NCSIST. Effective day and

   night, it provides ranging and built-in ballistic calculation, and equipped with dual field of view

   (DFOV) optics for search, detection, recognition and identification.
   This EO sight system is perfectly suited for 7.62mm and 40mm Gunner and Commander’s

   applications for rapid engagement and responses.


• Specifications
   Thermal Imager
   • Wavelength: 3~5µm
   • Resolution: 320256
   • Pixel Pitch: 30µm
   • NFOV: 1.8 x 2.4 degree
   • WFOV: 9 x12 degree
   • NETD: <25mK @ 30℃


   Color CCD Camera
   • Resolution: 540TVL
   • NFOV: 1.8 x 2.4 degree
   • WFOV: 9 x12 degree


   Eye-Safe Laser Range Finder
   • Wavelength: 1.57 µm
   • Range: 200~7990 m
   • Accuracy: ±10m


   Recognition Range
   • 2000 m for combat vehicle
   • 1000 m for personnel activity


• Status
   This EO sight system has been successfully developed and deployed on the Clouded Leopard Light

   Amour Vehicle’s 40mm turrets of Taiwan army since 2013.