Surface-to-Air TC-2 Mid-range Air-defense Missile

Surface-to-Air TC-2 Mid-range Air-defense Missile

• Type
   Mid-range, ship-based, solid propellant, air defense missile system.


• Development
   The ship-based Tien-Chien II, a mid-range air defense missile designated TC-2N, originated from the

   TC-2 air-to-air missile system to complement the gap between the MK-26 Standard Missile 2 (SM-2)

   and MK-15 CIWS for ROC Navy in Taiwan. The requirement was for a fast response, high fire power,

   anti-ship missile, and air-threat defense system. The initial design of TC-2N used theTC-2 air-to-air

   missile warhead and rocket motor with an improved active radar seeker and added a booster and

   thrust vector controller (TVC), for use against anti-ship missiles. It began preliminary development

   in 1994 by NCSIST to develop key technologies of the TC-2N missile system, and accomplished

   successfully live firing test to intercept a low-flying drone in 1997. A contract for a 2-year full-scale

   engineering development program was started in 2005, and accomplished the development and

   testing of vertical launching system in 2006. In 2013 under the support of ROC Navy, ship-launched

   missile flight test took place in mid 2014, a TC-2N successfully fired from a ROCN frigate and

   intercepted a drone representing an anti-ship missile over sea.


• Description
   The TC-2N, a high performance active radar guided surface-to-air mid-range ship-launched

   air-defense missile, is developed by NCSIST in Taiwan. A variant of the air-launched TC-2 missile by

   attaching a booster and thrust vector controller (TVC) on the rear, the TC-2N missile can be

   vertically-launched to minimize the response time, and extend the effective range. With the capability

   of multi-target engagement, the TC-2N can engage with anti-ship missiles and aircrafts


   The TC-2N will play an important role of air-defense of the R.O.C. Navy in Taiwan.


• Specifications
  1. A ship-launched active radar guided mid-range air defense missile.
  2. Capable of all-weather, multi-target, all-aspect, vertical-launch, and fast-response.
  3. With folded-wings to minimized missile volume and maximize ready-fire missile numbers on

  4. Both with vertical and inclined launching capabilities, the TC-2N can be easily installed on

      mid-sized or large-sized warships.


• Status
   completed development and test, ready to production and deployment