2.75 Rocket Fuze (C423/C427)

2.75 Rocket Fuze (C423/C427)

• Type
   PD fuze


• Development
   According to the requirements of our customers, we developed 2.75 rocket PD fuze for our Army

   and Air Force.


• Description
   The C423 and C427 are mechanical PD fuzes for 2.75 inch rocket. The fuzes consist of the body,

   S&A, and detonator. C423 fuze is for low-speed helicopter. C427 fuze is for high-speed fighter.


• Specifications
   • Weight:340.2 g
   • Length:102.54 mm
   • Diameter:45.2 mm


• Status
   Since 1996, the C423 and C427 have been manufactured more than 100,000 fuzes for the R.O.C.

   Army and Air Force. C423 PD fuze is applied for 2.75 inch rocket on low-speed helicopters

   (AH-1、AH-64 and OH-58D) in Army. C427 PD fuze is applied for 2.75 inch rocket on high-speed

   fighters(F5、AT-3 and F-16) in Air Force.