Mortar Bomb PD Fuze (C4/C4A2)

Mortar Bomb PD Fuze (C4/C4A2)

• Type
   PD and delay fuze.


• Development
   According to the requirements of our customers, we developed 60, 81 and 120 mm mortar bomb

   fuze for our Army.


• Description
   The C4 and C4A2 PD fuzes are developed for 60、81、120 mm mortar ammunitions. C4 fuze has

   two options of Super-Quick and Delay modes and C4A2 fuze only has the Super-Quick mode.

   Super-Quick mode is for directly killing and destroying the personnel and equipments on the ground

   as the bombs hitting the target and exploding. Delay mode is for destroying the enemy in the bunkers

   or fortifications.


• Specifications
   • Weight:C4-200 g(Super-Quick and Delay)、C4A2-198 g(Super-Quick)
   • Length:88 mm
   • Diameter:49 mm


• Status
   Since 1976, the C4 and C4A2 have been manufactured more than one million fuzes for the R.O.C.

   Army. And they are applied for 60 mm, 81 mm and 120 mm HE mortar cartridge or 60 mm, 81 mm

   and 120 mm smoke mortar cartridge.