40mm LV HEDP Grenade Fuze (C27)

40mm LV HEDP Grenade Fuze (C27)

• Type
   PD fuze.


• Development
   According to the requirements of our customers, we developed LV HEDP grenade fuze for our Army.


• Description
   The C27 fuze is a mechanical impact fuze for 40mm Low-Velocity HE, HEDP and TP cartridge.

   It has two independent safety locks and meets the requirement of the MIL-STD-1316.


• Specifications
   • Weight:54 g
   • Length:40.3 mm
   • Diameter:39.5 mm
   • Arming Distance:14~27 m


• Status
   Since 1999, the C27 fuze have been manufactured more than 1.2 million ones for the R.O.C. Army.

   And it is applied for TC88 and M433 HEDP cartridge, TC86 HE cartridge and TC91 TP cartridge.