40mm HV HEDP Grenade Fuze (C31/C31A1)

40mm HV HEDP Grenade Fuze (C31/C31A1)

• Type
   PD fuze.


• Development
   According to the requirements of our customers, we developed HV HEDP grenade fuze for our Army.


• Description
   The C31 and C31A1 fuzes are mechanical impact fuzes for 40mm high-velocity HEDP cartridge.

   They have two independent safety locks and meet the requirements of the MIL-STD-1316. It should

   be noted that the C31A1 is derived from C31 fuze and has the additional function of self-destruct (SD)

   mechanism. The SD mechanism enables the projectile to self-destroy in 14 seconds once the projectile

   does not work on the soft target or misses the target and flies over the effective range. According to

   the SD mechanism, using C31A1 fuze can reduce the dud and increase the safety.


• Specifications
   • Weight:60 g
   • Length:36.3 mm
   • Diameter:40.6 mm
   • Arming Distance:18~40 m
   • SD Function:above 14 seconds (C31A1)


• Status
   The C31 have been manufactured 85,000 fuzes for the R.O.C. Army and Marin Corps since 2015.

   And it is applied for TC90 and M430/M431 HV HEDP cartridge.