AESA T/R module

AESA T/R module

• Type
   Output power of TRM:12W


• Development
   The NCSIST T/R module is designed for the active phased array radar application.  It utilizes the

   state-of-the-art 15W GaAs MMIC power amplifier to maximize the power output of T/R module to

   12W. A circulator is used to provide the duplexer function with limiter and SPDT switch to protect

    the receiver from reflected power.  The noise figure of the Low noise amplifier (LNA) is less than 1.2dB.

    The 6-bit attenuator and phase shifter are designed for the amplitude and phase modulation with

    0.5dB and 5.625° resolution. They are located in the common arm of transmit and receive path.

    A digital compensation algorithm is applied to increase the variation phase accuracy to ±3° and the

    amplitude control to ±0.25dB. These functions are achieved through the internal FPGA and flash

    memory operation to build up the lookup table.  If higher output power is required, we can replace

    the GaAs PA module with the GaN power amplifier to obtain 50W or higher power output with the

    same amplitude and phase control accuracy.


• Description
   The Transmit/Receive module or T/R module is the most important core technology for the

   development of active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar. The AESA radar generally consists

   of thousands of T/R modules which can individually spread their signal emissions out across a band

   of the frequencies and sensitively receive the echoes from target objects, allowing it to broadcast

   transmitting signals while still remaining stealthy and greatly increasing the detection and tracking

   abilities. Through the adaptive beam shaping, AESA radars also have high capability to resist jammer.

   Due to the utilization of all solid state T/R modules and graceful degradation of array performance,

   AESA radar is much more reliable than PESA radar which results in low maintenance cost. That is why

   all the developed countries dedicate on the development of AESA radar.


• Specifications
   1. Maximum GaAs MMIC PA output:15W
   2. Output power of TRM:12W
   3. 6-bit phase and amplitude modulation
   4. Digital compensation
   5. Phase variation accuracy:±3°
   6. Amplitude variation accuracy:±0.25dB
   7. GaN PA is optional


• Status
   If higher output power is required, we can replace the GaAs PA module with the GaN power amplifier

   to obtain 50W or higher power output with the same amplitude and phase control accuracy.