3D Rotating Phased Array Radar System

3D Rotating Phased Array Radar System

• Type

   Phased Array Radar System


• Development
   NCSIST has over 50 years of experience in design and produce radar systems for any application in

   Taiwan. NCSIST provides the radar solutions to meet mission requirements. The Radars function

   effectively in severe military environments and have been field and combat proven by military

   exercise. NCSIST Radars from traditional radars to advanced phased array radars have been

   incorporated into the following applications :
   1. Land based applications
   2. Naval systems applications
   3. Mobile Ground Vehicles applications
   The 3D Rotating Phased Array Radar System is one of NCSIST passive phased Array radar system, is

   used to alert and queue Short Range Air Defense weapons to the locations of hostile targets

   approaching their front line forces.


• Description
   The 3D Rotating Phased Array Radar System consists of the mobile phased array radar subsystem

   and the engagement control center subsystem can be used for mobile operations, military base, and

   harbor air-defense missions. With the three-dimension phased array electronic scanning and rotation

   technology, this system can integrate the air-defense system to track multi-targets and control many

   fire-units at the same time. Besides, the system incorporates multi-functions of real-time radar

   intelligence, target identification, threat assessment, command & control, fire distribution, and

   Slew-to-Cue (STC) .


• Specifications
• Features:
  1. Fast deployment and easy transportation.
  2. Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) resistant and Electronic Protection (EP).
  3. Detection of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, cruise missile and UAV.
  4. Multi-purpose operations support.
  5. COTS-based equipments
  6. Easily customized by the user


• Application:
   Air-defense operations support of military fortresses, harbors, and airports.


• Status
   The 3D Rotating Phased Array Radar System has been deployed in Taiwan.
   There are several Phased Array radar system projects under developing in Taiwan.