Open Architecture Command Control System

Open Architecture Command Control System

• Type
   Combat Management System


• Development
   For more than 30 years NCSIST has been providing innovative solutions for Combat Management

   System for Taiwan navies. From basic combat management capability through automated

   self-defense up to a fully integrated system, the NCSIST Combat Management System highly meets

   the mission demands. It provides the flexibility to support a multi-mission ship designed for a wide

   range of naval operations, as well as ship designs with reconfigurable focused mission packages. Its

   proven software meets requirements for a low-risk, affordable solution that can be easily upgraded to

   meet evolving threats and environments throughout the ship’s life cycle.

   The OACC is an Open Architecture Computer-Based Command-and-Control element, the core of the

   NCSIST Combat Management System, which is a scalable and services-based framework.

   The OACC provides custom standard interface components, the key to the flexibility of the

   architecture to support a wide range of sensors, communication, and weapon interfaces. It allows the

   Customer defined sensors, communication and weapons being easily integrated and isolated from

   core components of the command and control system to engage and defeat numerous multi-warfare

   threats simultaneously.


• Description
   The OACC was designed to deliver capability rapidly and affordably. Built on an open architecture

   and scalable framework, it incorporates tested, highly reliable, non-developmental software, making

   OACC an extremely capable and low-risk solution.

• Supporting multi-purpose operations

   1. Air-defense
   2. Surface
   3. Underwater
   4. Electronic warfare
   5. Fleet operations
   6. Joint operations


• Specifications

• Features



Open Architecture

• Portable, COTS-based

• Bring your own sensors and weapons

• Easily customized by the user

• Adopting reliable data transmission Standard


• Lower cost of ownership

• Supportability

• Rapid incorporation of war fighting improvements


• Full range of solutions: from basic combat management capability

   through automated self-defense up to a fully integrated system

• Hardware sized to operational and cost requirements


• Status
   The OACC has passed the initial operational test and evaluation (IOT&E) and meet the mission

   requirement of Taiwan Navy. The OACC is a proven system architecture which provides a capable,

   low-risk foundation that can extend to a wide array of missions and naval platforms. Several projects

   are under developing in Taiwan.