Ray-Ting 2000 Artillery Multiple Launch Rocket System

Ray-Ting 2000 Artillery Multiple Launch Rocket System

• Type
   Multiple Launch Rocket System


• Development
   RT 2000 AMLRS (Ray-Ting 2000 Artillery Multiple Launch Rocket System) is an accurate multiple

   launch rocket system developed by Missile & Rocket Systems Research Division of the NCSIST for

   the Republic of China (ROC) Army. RT 2000 AMLRS replaces the army’s Kung-Feng multiple launch

   rocket system.


• Description
   RT 2000 AMLRS is designed for the tactics of the anti-amphibious assault, to complement

   conventional tube artillery and provides lethal firepower for the ROC Army. RT 2000 launcher,

   mounted on the high mobility 8X8 Cargo Truck along with a self-reload crane, is equipped with fully

   automatic fire control system, elevation and azimuth driven system, position and direction

   determining system (INS/GPS).
   RT 2000 AMLRS launchs three types of rocket with range from 7 up to 45 kilometers. Each rocket is

   equipped with high explosive steel ball warhead, powered by solid propellant motor and

   flight-controlled by 4 wrap round fins. The launcher can carry 60 rounds of MK15 rockets in 3 pods,

   or 27 rounds of MK30 rockets in 3 pods, or 12 rounds of MK45 rockets in 2 pods. The design of

   sealed rocket pod ensures rapid reloading and reduces the cost of maintenance requirements.
   The fully loaded RT 2000 can launch all rockets within one minute. The effective kill area coverage

   is about 200,000 m2 (six times of a football field area). Thus, the RT 2000 AMLRS promises to be

   one of the most powerful artillery multiple launch rocket system in the world.


• Specifications

Launch vehicle



8 × 8 truck chassis




MK15 :117mm

MK30 :180mm

MK45 :230mm

Maximum range:

MK15 :15km

MK30 :30km

MK45 :45km


• Status
   In service in the Army of Republic of China