Spatial Disorientation Trainer

Spatial Disorientation Trainer

• Type
   Spatial Disorientation Trainer

• Development
   Since 2002, Aviation Physiology Research Laboratory (APRL) in Taiwan has successfully constructed a

   series of aero-medical training equipment including Spatial Disorientation Trainer (DISO), Ejection

   Seat Trainer (EST), and Night Vision Training System (NVTS) designed and manufactured by NCSIST.

   All these equipment are built by using COTS components to provide high performance and affordable

   training solutions. In the mean time of rapid development of aero industry, every country is paying

   more and more attention to flight safety and emergency procedure training. National Chung Shan

   Institute of Science and Technology offers a full line of simulation systems that realistically replicate

   the training scenario in order to enable pilots to be aware of the situation and response with

  appropriate corrective actions.

• Description
   DISO spatial disorientation trainer can imitate F-5E fighter, F-16 fighter, and AH-1W helicopter which

   are serving in Taiwan now. More than 45 training courses including somatogyral illusions,

   somatogravic illusions, and visual illusions are provided to present the disorientation situation in

   order to enable the pilots to identify the disorientation phenomena and response with appropriate

   corrective action. Six-axle dynamic motion base coupled with 360 degrees of rotating movement

   vector makes the trainee has the feeling coming to the scene. Through realistic terrain database,

   high fidelity visual illusion effects, such as starry sky, airport, city light, rainy day, cloud and storm,

   can be displayed in the high quality horizontal 120 degrees, vertical 30 degrees collimated projection

   system. In order to record the physiological responses for Desensitization and provide adaptation

   training of Biofeedback, the devices of physiology signal monitoring and measuring systems are also

   equipped to get pilot’s medical reaction during training and for further analysis.

• Specifications
   • Reconfigurable for F-5E, F-16 Fighter, and generic Helicopter.
   • As more as 45 spatial disorientation training courses in active and passive modes.
   • 6DOF motion platform coupled with a 7th 360 degrees rotational axis.
   • High quality horizontal 120 degrees, vertical 30 degrees Collimated Display System for better field

      of depth.
   • Provide physiology signal monitoring and measuring in order to record pilot’s physiological

      response for Desensitization and Biofeedback training.


• Status
   DISO has served in Taiwan Aviation Medical Training Center for Airforce, Navy and military pilots

   since 2002. Owing to the decadence of computer system and database requirement, the

   modernization program of existing trainer has started in 2014.