Air Traffic Control Tower Simulator

Air Traffic Control Tower Simulator

• Type
   Air Traffic Control Tower Simulator


• Development
   NCSIST follows the Air Traffic Management Procedures of ROC Civil Aeronautics Administration to

   build Air Traffic Control Tower Simulator, which provides trainee controllers with same system as in

   the operational facility to improve training quality and flight safety.

   The simulator with high resolution satellite imagery and aerial photography to create 360°panoramic

   vision. Thirteen airfield databases is available for controllers training. It not only meets the military’s

   air traffic control training requirements but also is commissioned by Civil Aeronautics Administration

   to provide air traffic controller training course.


• Description
   The ATCTS is a high fidelity and easy operating simulation system designed by NCSIST. It is used to

   train air traffic controllers at aerodrome control operations, emergency and abnormal procedures, and

   adverse weather conditions. It is equipped with airfield lighting control panel, airport weather

   observation system, flight management system, GCA display. And speech recognition technology is

   adopted to provide interactions with air traffic controller trainee.


• Specifications
  • Via high-end projectors to display airfields image on the 360° continuous curved screen. With high

     fidelity visual database created by mixture of 3D modeling and photo-mapped texture.

  • Speech recognition for interaction between the devices and trainees.

  • Functions of supervisor position, local control position, flight data control position, and ground

    control position are also included.


• Status
   Available and in service with ROC Air Force.