Rotary Engine

Rotary Engine

• Type
   Power systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

• Development
   NCSIST has been developing the rotary engine since 2010. The tests of 34hp RU200 and 42hp RU260

   rotary engines were successfully conducted in 2011 and 2014. The first flight test was made in 2015.

   In civil and industrial applications, NCSIST will develop a variety of rotary engines for auxiliary power

   systems of an aircraft, power plants of light sport vehicles, powered paraglider, and range extender

   engines of electric vehicles.

• Description
   The rotary engine is primarily used as power systems for unmanned vehicle systems and has the

   benefits of double higher power output and better fuel consumption than those of 2 stroke engines.

   By taking advantage of electrical fuel injection systems, which control the air-fuel ratio, and precise

   ignition timing of twin sparks, rotary engine provides higher power output and better fuel


   The idle speed control (ISC) design is capable of making rotary engine to operate more smoothly at

   idle and perform air and fuel compensation during cold starts. In addition, the rotary engine gives the

   optimal power output and fuel consumption by the control of the air-fuel ratio at a variety of flight


   There are two types of rotary engine, RU200 & RU260, which are characterized by light weight, high

   power output, and innovative cooling solution design which makes the UAV maintain a desired flight


• Specifications

Engine Type



Fuel Type

Unleaded (95 Octane)

Unleaded (95 Octane)

Swept Volume(cc)



Dry Weight(exclude generator) (kg)




Air cooled

Air cooled




Power (hp/rpm)

34 / 7600

42 / 7600

Torque (N.m/rpm)

32 / 6000

39 / 6000

bsfc (lbf/bhp/hr) at 6000rpm



Operating Environment



Ambient Temperature(℃)

-30° to +50°

-30° to +50°





1.2kW 28V Alternator Integrated

1.2kW 28V Alternator Integrated

Other Features

‧ECU controlled

‧Fuel injection

‧Twin spark ignition

‧ECU controlled

‧Fuel injection

‧Twin spark ignition


• Status
   The performance tests of rotary engines RU200 and RU260 have been completed. Furthermore, the

   engine RU200 was installed in the indigenous UAV, which was developed by NCSIST, and

   demonstrated in the flight  test. The endurance tests of rotary engines are being conducted.