Cardinal Ⅱ Unmanned Aircraft System

Cardinal Ⅱ Unmanned Aircraft System

• Type
   Small size unmanned aircraft system.

• Development
   The Cardinal II UAS has been developed and improved from its original prototype Cardinal I since

   2009 with better payload design, digital data link, and automatic tracking antenna system.

• Description
   Cardinal II UAS is used to support and reinforce the surveillance, reconnaissance, and target

   acquisition capabilities for battalion level combat troops to acquire real-time precise target location.

• Specifications
   Size:L 1.9 m  W 1.3m  H 0.35 m

   Weight:5.5 kg

   Cruise speed:55 km/hr

   Endurance:60 mins.

   Power:Brushless electric motor


• Status
   The Republic of China Marine has ordered 5 sets of Cardinal II UAS which is scheduled to deliver

   before the end of 2016.