Antelope Air Defense System

Antelope Air Defense System

The Antelope is self-propelled Air Defense System, which is consisted of four surface-to-air TC-1L missiles, mid-sized truck, target acquisition system, communication system, and fire control system. The TC-1L missile is a short range infrared guided missile with high kill probabilities against various air threats including helicopter, UAV, and low-altitude aircraft. The Antelope is a general-purposed air defense system which can be deployed in army, air force, and marine corps.


• An Infrared Guided Short Range Surface-to-Air Missile.
• Fire-and-forget and slave-by-radar capabilities.
• All Aspect Launch, IRCCM.
• Integrated Target Acquisition System (ITAS) including radar, FLIR, synchronized visual aimer and IFF.


• Guidance: Infrared Seeker
• Fuse: Laser proximity and contact
• Warhead :High Explosive Fragmented
• Propulsion: Solid Rocket