TC-2 Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile System

TC-2 Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile System


The Tien Chien Ⅱ missile(TC-2) is an advanced medium-range, radar-guided air-to-air missile weapon system, and made ROC be one of the few countries able to producing this kind of missile. The TC-2 missile is with the performances in the class of the AMRAAM, and is still in service in ROCAF.


• Inertial Navigation System and Data Link(Mid-course Guidance)
• Active Radar-Homing (Terminal Guidance)
• Beyond Visual Range(BVR), Multiple-Target Engagement and Designated Interception
• ECCM capability



• Seeker : Active Radar
• Fuze : Active RF and contact
• Warhead :High Explosive Fragmented
• Propulsion: Solid Rocket