AT-3 Tz-chiang Advanced Trainer

AT-3 Tz-chiang Advanced Trainer

The indigenous advanced trainer AT-3 was developed in July 1975.

AT-3 advanced trainer is powered by TFE732-2-2L turbofan engines, which is progressively improved from XAT-3, incorporated integrated fire control systems, equipped with multifunction display, head-up display showing information and multifunction fire control radar, and provides air-to-air and air-to-surface training and attack capabilities.

The first prototype flight test had been successfully conducted, which marked an important milestone of the aeronautical industry of ROC.

DOD ordered 60 AT-3 manufactured from October 1981 to June 1990.

With the excellent performance, AT-3 advanced trainer has been used for acrobatics by the Air Force Thunder Tigers Team.