NCSIST participated in the 2018 JIAE

Press Release

NCSIST participated in the 2018 JIAE

National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) will participate in the Japan International Aerospace Exhibition (JIAE) on November 28-30, 2018. During the decades, NCSIST has been continually upgrading its products, which have already accumulated well-known reputation at domestic defense markets and fortified regional security. Now NCSIST aims to promote its presence in the international defense community by displaying its well-developed products and seeking partnership with global companies for both military and civil applications. NCSIST plans to present 22 exhibition items, and intends to lead the supply chain of the Taiwan’s defense industry into the international arena.

Among the first priorities are the aeronautic products – the small turbofan engine and its related material technologies. These are capabilities derived from the development of self-made aeronautic key components. Next highly-recommended are products of naval applications, which have been adopted as critical elements for automatic, integrated, and secured surface or underwater ships to cope with maritime threats. Last but never the least are missiles and rockets, materials and electro-optical systems, subsystems. NCSIST sincerely invites you to visit our booth and website for more detailed information.

The exhibition items are as the following.

Missile or rocket systems – land-based, mobile, surface to air, anti-ship or single-soldier types, and associated items like fuses, including Hsiung-Feng (HF) II anti-ship missile, HF III supersonic anti-ship missile, 2.75 inch rocket, Kestrel rocket (shoulder launched weapon system), compound rocket system, 40mm HEDP grenade fuse, 60 ~ 120mm mortar bomb fuse

Naval applications – coastal surveillance system, coastal defense rocket system, networking system

Advanced observation system, electro-optical (EO) and infrared equipment – UAV defense system, thermal imaging camera, EO tracking system

Information and communications systems –Integrated Communication System (ICS), Intelligent Disaster Prevention and Relief Aiding System (iDPRA)

Others –Electronic nose, Cold flame fluid disruptor device set, Deactivation furnace, fluid disruptor, underwater life support system, Jet propulsion and aerothermal test facilities, Super-sonic missile control wing, Super alloy castings: Rotors and stator, Electro-Hydraulic servo valve.

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