NCSIST was honored to participate in Taiwan Expo2018 in India


It's the first time that NCSIST participate the first international Taiwan Exposition held at the city New Delhi, India from May 17th to 19th, 2018. During the decades we are continually upgrading our products which have already accumulated well-known reputation at domestic defense markets and fortified our country for regional security. We also develop the military-civilian dual use technology since 1995, we transfer the National Defense technology into the civilian application products to satisfy the civilian requirement and promote the civilian industry.


NCSIST participate in this exposition under the invitation of Taiwan External Trade Development Council to comply with our government's policy of New Southbound Policy. Today we seize the occasion to reach out ourselves to the South-East Asia area, among worldwide competitors and potential partners, with earnest hopes to present 14 exhibiting items that we could provide for clients.


First, we like to introduce our IOT Implemented in the Cargo Movement Security Monitoring System-- Using the Active / Passive Seal technology , customized micro /high-gain antenna technology, network application intermediation technology, short range wireless communication technology and RF circuit design technology, with the cabinet identification system technology, they are imported into the container collection / storage / monitor point's perception level system.


The Intelligence Disaster Prevention and Relief Aiding System(iDPRA)

development by NCSIST integrates historical climate data, real –time monitoring systems, disaster simulation systems, UAVs and mission planning system; and employs computer intelligence for resources allocation to speed up and optimize disaster response.


The exhibition products also include the Environment Protection/Green Energy、Transportation and Medical products、Manufacturing system and measurement product、Senor Equipment, all based on the NCSIST core value technology product and service.


The products are as following:

Environment Protection/Green Energy products: Smart Energy Storage SystemEco-friendly Joss Paper BurnerCyclone jet BurnerBiomass Gasifier Heat and Electric System


Transportation and Medical products: Periodic Replacement Parts for Railway VehiclesAnesthesia Depth MonitorComputed Radiography(CR) Digital X-ray Image Plates


Manufacturing system and measurement product: Metal Additive manufacturing for Aerospace ApplicationLarge Light-Weight Composite Digital Caliper


Senor Equipment: Thermal ImagerLIDAR


UAV Defense System: Threat Alert RadarEO Sight System、UAV Catcher


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