NCSIST was honored participate in 2017 Paris Air Show

National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) prepares well to participate in the 52nd Paris Air Show on 19-25 June, 2017. During the decades we are continually upgrading our products which have already accumulated well-known reputation at domestic defense markets and fortified our country for regional security.  NCSIST will take advantage of this occasion as a platform to reach out ourselves to the European area, among worldwide competitors and potential partners. We get ready to present 48 exhibiting items that we could provide for clients, and hope to lead Taiwan’s defense industry supply chain into the international arena.


First, we like to introduce our aeronautic products -- the various types of unmanned aerial vehicles and related systems. These are capabilities derived from the tasks we have been endeavoring for a long time to achieve the main goals of indigenous fighter, trainer, and advanced trainer, and accordingly we explore from the scratch to develop advanced airframe body, engines, power supply, simulating and training courses, etc. Next we highly recommend our naval applications, since we adopt them as critical elements for automatic, integrated, and survivable surface or underwater ships with the means we cope with maritime threats. Finally we illustrate

missiles and rockets, materials and electro-optical systems, subsystems based on our core R&D value. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth and website for more detailed information. Following are the titles for our exhibiting items.

Missile or rocket systems, based on land-based, mobile, surface to air, anti-ship or single-soldier types, and associated items like fuses – Hsiung-Feng (HF) II anti-ship missile, HF III supersonic anti-ship missile, Sea TC I air-defense missile, Sea TC II air-defense missile, coastal defense rocket system, Tien-Kung (TK) III surface-to-air missile, RT2000 artillery multiple launch rocket system, 2.75 inch rocket, Antelope low-altitude air-defense missile, Kestrel rocket (shoulder launched weapon system), 40mm HEDP grenade fuze

Unmanned vehicles and related defense systems – unmanned target boat, UAV defense system, Spark target drone, Tian-chen Drone, Cardinal II unmanned aircraft system, Chung-Shiang tactical UAS, MALE unmanned aircraft vehicle, UAV electronic warfare system

Naval applications – Coastal surveillance system, coastal defense rocket system, anti-landing mine, naval laser warning system, ship-based combat system console, ship-based short range defense system, underwater alert & detection system

Advanced observation system, electro-optical (EO) and infrared equipment – panoramic vehicle imaging system, laser warning system, day & night surveillance system, thermal imaging camera, EO tracking system

Information and communications systems – multi-spectral decoy ammunition and multi-platform automatic protection system, Satcom on the move (SOTM), identification of friend or foe (IFF), ether cipher system

Electronic and radar systems – long range phase array radar, mobile phase array radar system

Others – turbofan engine, multi-spectrum camouflage net, Clouded Leopard armor vehicle, Tuo-Chiang class missile corvette, different kinds of Gyroscope, fluid disruptor, underwater life support system, IED counter, AESA T/R module


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