NCSIST Makes its Debut in Japan Participating the Japan Aerospace Exhibition, 2016

        National Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST), the

primary indigenous weapon system provider of Taiwan, makes its debut in Japan by

participating in the Japan International Aerospace Exhibition (JIAE) on October 12-

15, 2016. As is known, NCSIST has long established an excellent reputation for

expertise in defense technology in Taiwan. Now NCSIST aims to promote its

presence in the international defense community by displaying its well-developed

products and seeking partnership with global companies for both military and civil



        NCSIST presents 34 selected items in the JIAE. To name a few, the ship- or

ground-based missile systems and related key parts demonstrate its advanced

technologies on seekers and sensors which can be integrated with other platforms or

communications systems to form a customized network. Besides, the turbofan engine

shows its complete aeronautic capabilities from design to manufacturing. There are

more to see, such as advanced materials, electro-optical equipment, communications

systems, electronic systems, and many others.


        There are professional design, manufacturing and testing engineers to provide

in-depth introduction on site. In addition, interactive discussions on system functions,

maintenance and logistics, after-sale services, and customization analyses will also be

available. Potential partners and general public are welcome to pay a visit to NCSIST

at the JIAE.



        NCSIST, established in 1969, is a leading player in the indigenous design,

development, production, logistics support of critical defense systems for Taiwan.

Over the decades, NCSIST has accumulated a broad spectrum of advanced scientific

and technological capabilities in aeronautics, missile and rocket systems, information

& communications, chemistry, materials, electro-optics, and electronic systems.

Major products include high performance fighters; ground-to- air, anti-ship, and air-

to-air missile systems; naval combat systems; various radar, C4ISR and information

protection systems. There are currently more than 8,600 employees including active

duty military and civilian personnel. For more information, please visit